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Who are Abundance Hunters?

Are you burnt out of the 9-5 corporate grind?

Are you staying where you at right now because you don’t have any other choice?

What if retirement is not an option? 

When will you get out of the loop and start living the life you’ve always wanted? 

pedestrian crossing

Or, you simply want your time back to your hands?

Maybe you grew up knowing you need to pay everyone else first rather than yourself.

Or, climb that ladder tirelessly, working for other people’s success, but not yours.

It's time to get your freedom!

Your life is your own. Take that dream life you want and make it your reality. 

And we’ll help you get there. 

It’s time to join Abundance Hunters today. 


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Meet The Team


Adam Jones

ceo & Founder

I’m Adam, a real estate and personal finance fanatic. I love to talk about real estate and personal finance with anyone willing to tolerate it! We have the best team here at Abundance Hunters, and we are seeking to help people find financial freedom through real estate investing and business.

I believe that anyone can be successful in real estate and business if they have the right mindset, education, and support.

Some passions are flying airplanes, hiking, camping, kayaking, and just being outdoors. Living in Alaska for over a year now has given me a great opportunity to do what I love, and I am forever grateful.


Elaiza Balunan

Content Writer

I’m Elaiza, 27, from the Philippines. A  self-taught freelance writer and an animal rescue advocate. I’ve always been drawn to the arts, particularly writing, and it didn’t take me long to figure out what I loved to do and who I wanted to be: a writer.

A life in writing has been my goal from a young age. Now, as an adult, I strive for balance between family and work – finding the time to write and discover is important for me. 

It has always been my goal in life to bring people joy through writing, whether it be through stories or articles, or even blog posts.


Jeroel Maranan

Writer & Web Designer

I’m Jeroel, a content writer and musician from the Philippines. And my life is all about writing stories and taking hold of my dream in life: to travel the world and touch people’s hearts through my art. 

Born through hardships and poverty, I grew up doing side hustles, writing work, and gigs to make my ends meet. I’ve met many people along the way, and they all showed me all facets of life.

It’s where I get my stories. And I love to write about it and share it with the world as much as I can.